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straight up 6:00 on this february 7th. we are watching things to the north, we're watching things here to see what it means
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weather-wise for the rest of your week. good morning, everybody. >> welcome to fox 5 morning news at 6:00. now let's bring in tucker barnes to talk about our weather. let's emphasize again, no issues today and not many issues tomorrow. for us, we're going to be on the edge of this big system. the jackpot, if you love snow, will be in the new england where they could see one to two feet. this is a big storm. we have to watch it because you know weather forecasts can change and we will keep an eye on it. let's get started with this morning's forecast. cold to start your day. 23. so cold air in place. that is one of the factors in a
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developing winter storm. here's satellite radar. we did see sunshine yesterday. that felt good and got our highs in the 40s. won't be as warm today. highs in the upper 30s to about 40. it will be a chilly day, your thursday, it's fine, morning and afternoon commute, just expect cold conditions but no precipitation today. highs approaching 40 degrees with cloudy skies for much of the day and again, we'll get into all of the different possibilities coming up. all right, thank you. >> time to check in with julie to see how the morning commute is going. some problems with the outer loop of the beltway as you approach georgia avenue, the two left lanes, delays leaving 95 college park around
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that accident scene. no issues reported north on 395. northbound 95, a delay. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you. new this morning, a man crossing route 301 was kill bid a car -- killed by a car. route 301 near pointer ridge drive is back open now. it happened just before 1:00 in the morning. the man was not in the crosswalk at the time. also new today, police need your help finding an elderly man who is missing. this is the 83-year-old who was
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last seen around yesterday morning. at the time, he was wearing a coat and blue pants. the big story today is a busy day on capitol hill. the confirmation hearing for president obama's new cia directer starts today. >> one issue that is threatened to derail his confirmation was avoided. president obama agreed to congressional demands and will release a secret memo on the killing of americans overseas. it provides legal basis for a drone strike. he played a part. >> it was used very minimumly by president bush and now
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there's been 3,000 killed in this program. >> three weeks later his 16- year-old son was also killed. on the hill, the defense secretary is testifying on the benghazi attack. he's will offer more details on the raid and it could be the last time he testifies as secretary of defense. democrats will unveil their own plan at cushing gun v iolence. it's said to be similar as to what's in president obama's plan for a ban on assault weapons. president obama will discuss those issues and budget concerns with lawmakers in virginia. the gun control debate took center stage as hundreds packed the state capitol.
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the president is backing a law for gun ownership. some suggest that the governor's bill does little to address illegal guns. >> the black market illegal guns in our community to persons that will never register or never be fingerprinted. >> many republicans say it p unishes the wrong people. still ahead, we'll tell you about a big cut on the presence overseas thanks to the looming budget it cans. a lucky person in virginia is waking up a multimillion narrow. the ticket was bought in the richmond area and worth over $17 million. the second largest jackpot one by a ticket bought in virginia. someone is having a very good day today. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome.
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>> the pentagon is trying to save money. it's cutting its aircraft c arrier presence from two to o ne. the post office hopes to save $2 billion a year. starting in august, due to an increase, it has increased since 2010. the boy scouts of america says it won't decide until may about whether to allow gay s couts and scout leaders. the executive board says the delay is needed because of the complexity of the issue. it's receiving a lot of heat from both sides.
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now that the super bowl is over, delicacies from their home states. getting to enjoy the crafts, n apa valley wine and northern california cheese. they will collect this san francisco feast on tuesday from california senators. now if the 49ers had one, crab cakes, beer could have been on the menu and a can of hair spray. >> what's a burger cooky? >> they're so good. >> what is it? >> you guys. >> explain. >> it's chocolate on top of the
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cake cookie. i'll get you one. >> i just didn't know it was a cookie burger. you can get them in many convenient stores. >> is it like a moon pie? >> those are good too. >> i would say the maryland senators got the better, maybe the better end of the deal with that feast from san francisco sounds good. all right. a can of hair spray? >> getting to your temperatures, reagan national is 33 degrees. cold start to your day. 29 now, 28 in leonard town, 25 in frederick and 25 in hagerstown. all i can think about now is having a burger cookie. all right, high temperatures
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today only in the upper 30s to about 40. lots of clouds today. >> there's your cloud cover. it's going to be with us all d ay. a developing storm across the northern gulf and that's going to be the storm that will slip up the eastern sea board and become this big coastal nor'easter we have been talking about. it looks now that like the b ull's eye of the storm is off to our north and east. north and east of new york city into southern new england and boston, they're going to get the heart of the storm. another area of low pressure out towards chicago, that will get transferred to the big coastal low tomorrow and tomorrow night. what can we expect? looking at clouds today and early tomorrow morning, we could break out with a brief
6:17 am
wintery mix. your evening commute, brief mix around here early tomorrow morning. here we are at 4 a.m. we could see a wintery mix north and west. that's case, it will be all rain and during the day tomorrow, we'll get mostly rain around here. notice the snow to the north and to the north and east and on the backside of the system, it strengths and we get moisture and that could bring us a brief period of snow as well. we're going to get a couple different chances for winter weather. the heart of the system is going to be to the north and the east. potential for 1-2 feet of snow. this is our first big storm of the season. today, 40 degrees, becoming cloudy, cool afternoon winds. no travel issues here today or even tonight. 34 for the low. a wintery mix or rain
6:18 am
developing and it should be rain tomorrow although we're going to have to watch the track carefully and watch the forecast carefully and as we get into late friday early saturday, we could transition back before it ends. the weekend looking sunny and brighter, highs in the 40s by sunday and 50s by monday. that's the latest on the w eather. let's find out if julie is manning the roadways. keeping an eye on what's happening out there. an accident involving a pedestrian on the outer loop of the beltway before georgia avenue. slowing from west of new hampshire avenue heading towards silver springs. second one approaching the b eltway. is this the one that involves the pedestrian. two right lanes are closed now. lanes open on the inner loop
6:19 am
heading for the wilson bridge. and now from fair oaks to 123 slow. we have additional delays h eading across. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. in this morning's health watch, a potential breakthrough in the fight against breast cancer. researchers say they have identified a gene. when overexpressed, it causes the mutation found in the majority of breast cancer. the spine helps to create breast cancer. and it could lead to a drug that could shut down the mutation of the enzyme.
6:20 am
health officials say that it could be one reason why the u.s. has seen its worst. a study says increases in cases could partially be due to a vaccine introduced in 1990 that doesn't last as long as the one introduced in 1940. also in maryland, a push to increase the number of early voting centers. the early voting access about will be considered today and if it passes, it would allow more
6:21 am
early-voting centers during the primary leks. elections, they were forced to wait in line in november. a college degree could be more affordable, we're talking about a few thousand dollars. first, want to hold and pose with an oscar? why not? one of the awards trophy tours is coming to the fox 5 studio. we'll have details on where it's headed after that. you can decide which city it's headed to next. its twitter followers at oscar road trip will be asked to choose between different locations. it ends on the red carpet on oscar night. whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster!
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a new push for affordable education. good morning, lauren. >> hi there, good morning. i'm a little nervous watching these automatic spendings. >> the market is getting a little bit jittery and that's why have a mixed market. no major movement. we're looking at gains this morning, investigators after the huge january are waiting for the sequester that could start on march 1st. with i get something today that could be moving, shake them up a little bit. rei tail sales at macy's and target. >> let's talk about the next story that is pretty i nteresting. some states are taking an interesting approach to making college more affordable and this is ground-breaking. >> it's an idea and it's a
6:26 am
challenge of making college a bachelor's degree of $10,000. this is attractive to students and families facing this high cost of education if you look at the past 25 years. there's no guaranty that the bachelor's the -- degree is going to get you a job when you graduate. we have governor's in texas, wisconsin saying we're going to do this. -- lawmakers are considering the measure. hopefully more states sign up. >> absolutely, many are just not looking forward to the where had of trying to send their kids to school because it's so expensive now. good to see you. >> still ahead, with a monster snowstorm brewing, airlines are in panic mode urging passengers
6:27 am
to rebook. the morning line is coming up next. up nt. [ male announc to this symph:
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the northeast bracing for a major snowstorm expected to be the worst in years. parts of new england could see as much as two feet of snow. as for travel, airlines want you to be prepared for this, they're canceling and canceling r ebooking fees. there you go. they know it's going to be bad. this event is not today. it's tomorrow and tomorrow n ight. the worst of it doesn't look like it will hit washington now. for right now, looks like the worst will be new york and north and east into new england, boston, new hampshire. lets get to the weather and
6:31 am
here we go. 33 at reagan national. cold out there. the temperatures will bottom out early this morning. looking at our satellite radar, you just looked at it a moment ago. a developing storm system p ushing through georgia and then a secondary storm up in chicago, they will team up to create a big area of low pressure by tomorrow afternoon off of the peninsula and that will push up the coast what we i call a c oastal nor'easter. most severe will be to the north and the east. for us, looks like a brief period of wintery mix, transition to rain and perhaps transitioning back to snow late today tomorrow and tomorrow night as the storm wraps up. no issues with the thursday forecast, it will be chilly with highs around 40 degrees
6:32 am
and a lot of clouds. coming up, we have tucker and actually weather question today. it's a good question. >> looking forward to it. >> on time traffic brought to you by toyota. traffic wrapped around the beltway at this hour, it is of course rush hour. we have the slow traffic around green belt down to 41 miles per hour leaving 450 around 295. the crash which occurred before georgia avenue cleared to the shoulder and now down to about 5 miles per hour headed west through silver springs. it could save you time there if you want to travel through. northbound 295 down to 25 miles per hour leaving the parkway, all of the lanes are open. we'll go next to our cameras. northbound new hampshire avenue
6:33 am
before you reach the beltway, that's the crash. eastbound on 66, traffic slowing to the rest area east of business 234. traffic slowing to 123 and at the beltway. 295, heavy volume and now through wood ridge, traffic s lowing again to the springfield interchange. the big story, the p resident's nominee to head the cia begins the confirmation today. >> john will likely be q uestioned about his drone strike program. live on capitol hill with a preview. >> reporter: some of the most controversial parts of this ongoing war against al-qaida will probably be part of this hearing today. it's going to come hours after
6:34 am
lawmakers receive a classified report justifying the use of drone strikes to kill americans. president obama's nominee to head the cia will have to answer some tough questions thursday. brendan has been described as the architect of the drone strike program. an unclassified memo says it is legal for the u.s. government to kill u.s. citizens if they believe they're senior al- qaida leaders. 11 senators, most democrats have demanded that the president provide justification. they have concerns about the program. >> our concern is to coop keep the american people safe in consistent with our laws and
6:35 am
our values. there's no court in the united states or anywhere around the world that would accept this view that a president, one person can decide how and when to kill its own citizens without any checks or balances. >> reporter: he will also likely face questions about water boarding. he had said in the past that it saves american lives, but in a questionnaire ahead of the hearings, he said he had some personal reservations about that program. these hearings get underway at 2:30 this afternoon. there was supposed to be a vote today on the confirmation of president obama's choice to head the pentagon. but it was postponed yesterday.
6:36 am
republicans are demanding more answers from hagel about his finances. yesterday they made a call to congress in support of the gun restriction proposals to ban the sale of assault weapons and to issue background checks. >> my own children were not allowed to have a gun in my house. they're not allowed. i just believe that assault weapons, they were invented for war. they shouldn't be on our s treets. >> critics say that president obama's gun control proposals will undermine the rights to own a gun.
6:37 am
there are new details in a case, they will not unseal recent documents in the case necessary for safety reasons. the intern went missing back in 2001 and her body was found in rock creek park. the man convicted is serving an 80-year prison sentence and he will be back in court today on a separate issue in the case. a maryland man remains in critical condition after his car collided with a freight train. you can see the car was badly damaged. it happened near ice plant road. prince george's police believes that the driver tried to beat the train. a subshop owner is r ecovering after an explosion at his restaurant. police are looking for a s
6:38 am
uspect. the explosion caused significant damage to the store. no word on whether the store was actually targeted. time for the morning line, a big win for the wizards last night at the verizon center. what a game it was for john. 21 points and 9 assists. 6 wizard players had a d ouble- digit night. >> we want the city to believe in this team. i told you when everyone gets healthy we can win. that's the main thing, right now playing down the stretch and making the plays and finding the right people. to college hoops, maryland
6:39 am
goes for its first road win tonight in a rematch. the road win would be a welcomed sight. college seems far away. the head coach picked up 14 of his 22 recruits from the d.c. area. he signed four from one school alone. the biggest catch is the player of the year. >> i know everyone was thinking
6:40 am
i was going to florida state. everyone knows, i'm going to maryland. >> now right now, it's coming in and basically trying to change the program. i bring the guys home, it all starts big. >> i'm able to go over there. >> to the soccer field now. next year's world cup just got bumpier. that's the first time the u.s. opened the final round of the world cup qualifying with a l oss. basketball great magic johnson is stopping by this afternoon. the hall of famer will talk to
6:41 am
the medical staff about -- transformation to business. bus do you work from home even after hours? one man is so fed up he's taking action in court. a man is living in a mansion for free. coming up, why florida law says it's okay. on, a turkey-cheddar-bacon in the afternoon, or a tuna salad when the job is done, sandwich on your terms with any of dunkin's freshly made bakery sandwiches for just $2.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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nope, no. sorry, love to but can't. i'm sorry, she's very busy. enjoy the rich taste of dunkin' mocha lattes and coffees. now in dark chocolate. indulge in one today. america runs on dunkin'. some folks are furious over a 23-year-old squatter living inside a 2 1/2 million dollars mansion. andre is using a unique florida law to possess the home. some want him out and they found two women who said they
6:45 am
were there to clean the house. something's not right there. >> other information in that story. a federal lawsuit has been filed over e-mails after work. . the suit claims that the city owed a police officer overtime for work done on blackberries. then to ask for us to do more off-duty is too much. we sacrifice our family time to serve the public, even off duty
6:46 am
we're sworn to protect. you want us to take away more time from our families to do more, then pay us. >> a lot of people fired up about that one. meanwhile, fired up about the weather forecast. things will get interesting. not so much in the mid- atlantic, up in new england, they're t alking about the possibility of a blizzard. maybe one to two feet towards boston. let's get to it. one more time, no issues today. it will be cloudy with highs near 40 this afternoon. here are the temperatures now, reagan national jumped up to 34. 29 in annapolis. off to the north and the west, temperatures, it's cold out there, 25 in frederick. our friends in cumberland, 28
6:47 am
in winchester. i mentioned highs only about 40 later this afternoon, noticeably cooler and the primary reason why, clouds. you can see them rolling in from the south and the west. it will be a mostly cloudy day. looks like the thin clouds across southern maryland to start the day. and then we focus on the one- two combination. a layer of storms in the northern gulf. is this going to slide up off of the coastal areas of north carolina by this time tomorrow and then develop into a nor'easter. we haven't talked about that. it's going to crank up as it moves up the coast tomorrow. for us, it looks like we're going to start as a brief w intery mix, about 24 hours from now, we may have a mix north and west of washington and during the day tomorrow, primarily rain in the mid-
6:48 am
atlantic, tomorrow night, it's a complicated weather pattern, maybe some wrap around moisture. we have a lot to talk about. a lot to be concerned with as we get into the next couple days. it's going to deepen and blizzard conditions a possibility into new england, connecticut, vermont, new hampshire, we're talking one to two feet by saturday morning. wintery mix transitioning to rain. there's your seven-day forecast. the weekend looking sunny and bright and warmer. >> we'll do 50s monday and tuesday. anything we get around here should melt this weekend. the biggest concern is north and west of washington. quite a pattern we're in. >> we keep missing these big
6:49 am
storms. . it is time for ask tony and t ucker. where we do our best to answer your questions. we have two questions today about the same thing. we have combined them. the first one comes from denise and her second graders from . the glass wants to know, why does it seem like after a day of hard rain or storms, it gets very windy and seems to blow for a really long time. great observation. also, i guess this is going to be desere. in the winter, there seems to be more wind than any other time of the year especially in the summer. why is there hardly any wind in
6:50 am
the summer. her observation is accurate at well. tucker? >> let's get to it. it's all about the weather patterns, it's a little bit complicated. there is different pressure fields on the planet. many of you are familiar with the hs and ls on the map, that's high pressure and low pressure. perhaps we can go back, i can show a map. this is going to be helpful. you have areas of high pressure and low pressure. high pressure you should think of as domes in the atmosphere.
6:51 am
you can point to it. but no one will see it. >> there's not a camera over there. >> oh. how long have you been in tv? >> 30 years. >> you have to have a camera. >> good point. >> the high pressure and the low pressure, and think of low pressure as like straws. the air actually gets pulled into the area of low pressure from an area of high pressure. as the area flows from a dome into low pressure you get windy conditions. this coastal no nor'easter t omorrow, it will draw in a lot of air. >> for our part of our country, the jet stream tends to lower during the winter months and gives us the stronger storms. >> that is right. that's the second part of the equation. why winter and not summer?
6:52 am
the jet stream is more active in the wintertime. we see many many areas of high pressure and low pressure p assing through. we sort of -- you won't see a lot of wind unless there's a severe thunderstorm. we don't get big fronts. >> does that make sense? >> i was distracted by tony. >> i was walking towards the map and we had already moved the camera. i didn't know notice that. that was a good job. again, to some of our viewers and the kids, tucker and i used to go out and talk to the kids, tucker still does and they are
6:53 am
so smart. great observation. ladies and gentlemen, ron burgundy. that's all you need to know. >> all right, apparently this morning virginia is not only for lovers and lottery winners, but only the left side of the road is able to get through and it is gridlock. the accident activity before the beltway looks like that has m oved on. you may have heard about
6:54 am
the bruce willis marathon going on. five die hard movies back to back including the new one. if you think you're tough enough to take in all of that action, here's how you can win a ticket. go to our facebook page and like us and then go to fox 5's web site and fill out the online entry form for the die hard marathon give away. you have to do both to be eligible to win. >> you can enter any time before midnight tonight. they will each receive one ticket to the die hard marathon on february 13th. you must be 18 or older to inner the. you can see the complete rules on our web site. just a note for your facebook fans, that's not the page we need you to like for the give away. it's the myfoxdc facebook page. 
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good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and on this thursday dare i say things are just peachy. >> explosion. >> keep your eye on the peach. we are live this morning at imagination stage where they are premiering a show called anime momotaro. a very popular ancient japanese folk tale. ends up teaching lessons to kids about the inner strength and ability to fight bullies. we're going to find out about it and why you and your kids might come out and see it. >> looks fun. thank you, holly. >> time now to talk about our facebook fan of the day.
6:59 am
it is amber tate. amber watches fox 5 morning news with her 2 year old daughter who loves asks tony and tucker and repeats the -- thank you very much for watching. >> congratulations. that does it for the 6:00 hour. >> let's send it over to allison and tony to take us the rest of the day. >> you did that well. >> i learned from the master. >> it is super contagious. thanks so much. coming up now on fox 5 morning news the secret drone program. >> the president's pick for the head of the cia faces first confirmation hearing. we'll have a live report. >> a new name for the washington redskins? experts will discuss the use of native american nicknames for sports. first, we'll sit down with washington post columnist and

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